Teacher Recommendations

The most common reason that students struggle in mathematics is that students enroll in math courses that are not appropriate for their needs. It is strongly recommended that students choose the math course that is recommended by their math teacher.

A student’s current math teacher will recommend which course they are best suited to take next; the recommendations will be on the final report card.

When recommendations are needed early in second semester for course selection the following year, they will be communicated to the student & parent by the current teacher through email, paper, or phone. If not, parents should contact the math teacher for a recommendation.

When students do course selection for the following year, they must get their math choice initialled by their previous/current math teacher to double check that the teacher recommendation is being adhered to.

We, as a department, strongly suggest that students adhere to the recommendation, as the math teacher is using their best professional judgement to help students find challenge and success in their next math course (i.e. not too easy, not above their current skill set).