Grade 9

Workplace 9

This course is for students who struggle with basic numeracy concepts. A recommendation from a teacher and/or Special Education is required to take this course.  Students must take Workplace Math 10 as their next course.

Introduction to Math 9

This course is required for students who did not meet the expectations in Math 8, achieving lower than a C+.  Introductory Math 9 is a stepping stone to Foundations of Math 9 (FOM9). Students enrolled in Intro 9 MUST ALSO enroll in FOM9.

Foundations of Math 9 or Foundations of Math 9 Honors (FOM9) (FOM9H)

Foundations of Math 9 is for students who achieved a minimum of a C+ in Math 8. Those students who excel in Math may apply for the FOM 9 Honors Program and will be challenged with more difficult material and /or additional topics from enriched areas of the curriculum.